Friday, February 19, 2010

"A B C"

So I have been out sick the majority of the past week, so my blogging has been minimal... or non existent for that matter!

I found the article posted on Twitter today that really made sense to me. It kind of goes along with my dance studio marketing blog from about a month ago. It addresses the necessities of good studio marketing and offers a lot of great tips.

It is called Marketing from A-Z, and I think it is very concise and effective. More people should write like this! Good job Mike Collins!

I've also read a lot of completely useless dance studio articles today... but what else am I supposed to do while recovering at home?

I think this one article even has a lot of points that are great for general studio business needs. Asking the right questions, being involved at your studio in the most effective way, getting feedback, listening to clients and being positive.

Well I guess that's just good life points in general!

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Nichelle said...

Hey Robin!

I really enjoy reading your blog. Nice find on that article. Concise writing takes a lot of practice, it's something I'm constantly working on myself!

I'm wondering what falls into the completely useless articles category. I won't let it hurt my feelings if this includes some of what I've written - feedback and constructive criticism is always helpful. I like hearing from teachers and studio owners about what they want. Feel free to answer publicly or personally but I'd love to know!