Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Sunday Bloody Sunday"

So this upcoming Sunday is Valentine's Day... please note my lack of enthusiasm!

A day every year where we buy cards, candies and flowers for people to tell them we love them... because we have to! It might be the part of me that hates being told what to do that dislikes Valentine's day, but the tacky little cupid dolls don't help any.

This Sunday I am spending the day with my friends and having some girly fun to help celebrate. Sleepover party Saturday night, and then doing costume organizing on Sunday before heading out to Grace O'Malley's downtown Toronto to watch Driver perform and eat some good food. I know not everyone considers costume organizing a good time with their friends, but dance teachers are not your 'normal' friends!

So in honor of this loving occasion I got myself a very special Valentines Tee from Peace Love World. They sell amazing clothes for dance teachers, and other people alike... all baggy clothes that are ubber comfy and in nice normal colors! They also sell clothes to support a great cause, so all the more reason to love their company.

Okay, so I ordered a lot more than just that one tee, but you can't just have one thing shipped here from Miami.

And now Peace Love World has sent me a Valentines Day coupon for my next order... so I can buy a fabulous tee to represent my feelings at every major holiday for 2010. At least somebody got me something useful!

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