Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A few weeks ago I did an interview for Dance Studio and to be honest I had completely forgotten that it was going to be published... that is until today!

I went on the website to print off some dance class coloring pages, and instead I discovered my face on the home page! I started reading it like I didn't know it was me, and then I quickly realized it was the beginning of my bio. I clicked on the header and then proceeded to see the entire 45 minute interview I had done with Suzanne Gerety over the phone in print. I actually can't believe that she typed out every word, mostly because I think we both talk a lot, but maybe the reality is that she didn't actually personally type it out!

Suzanne is the mastermind behind this incredible resource website for dance studio owners, and is also a dance studio owner herself. We were connected in the Fall via the internet and she asked me if I would be interested in doing this feature on studio ownership and advice. I agreed without hesitation, but then I was actually a bit nervous right before the interview. I think I was worried about sharing advice with people who have probably been doing this for years longer than me and then trying not to sound like I knew all the answers for everyone's problems! But now I've realized that this is what makes this website so great, or any forum for that matter, that let's dance studio owners share their experiences and advice.

I am still a 'Novice' at this studio ownership thing, but it does not make my experiences or ideas about things any less meaningful than someone who has been doing it much longer. What works for me might not work for someone else in their situation, but at least it's something to try you might have not thought of. I personally love going to dance teacher conferences and meeting other studio owners, not to compare competition results, but to address major concerns about our industry and get advice. Being all about your own studio and not thinking anyone can help you do any better is probably a fairly common trait in the dance world that I guarantee will backfire on you eventually.

Truth be told, in this new age world of dance, maybe someone young and up-and-coming like myself may have useful advice for someone with an older studio looking to reinvent themselves or keep up with the times. And in the same breathe, I want to learn how to keep my studio in business long enough to see a new era in dance, and for that reason I need help from my peers who have that experience. It's nice to be able to put aside the competitive factors about dance and just realize that were all in the same boat at the end of the day... and were all up late on the same night revising that Recital Program to make sure every kid's name is spelled correctly!

So don't read it and make a quick judgement, let me know what you think and we can have a discussion about it. Despite what you might have heard, I actually am a good listener!

I have proof...

At the bottom of the article is the audio version of the interview posted in it's entirety!

Thanks Suzanne for helping all of us share our passion for dance with each other. You're an incredibly talented member of the dance community that I am honored to know!


Alison said...

booo ... i can't read the interview since I'm not a member.

Robin said...

Problem solved... new links to read it without a membership thanks to Suzanne!