Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"To Make You Feel My Love"

So, I've failed at blogging lately, which wouldn't shock anybody who understands the business of the Competitive dance and Recital seasons... but I'm back now! It's officially summer time and I've got the urge to spill about my likes and dislikes of the dance year!

Today though I just wanted to share a special little something with everyone...

I met this guy Matt at a dinner party recently, who owns a Production Company, and we quickly became Facebook friends! Coincidentally Matt was looking for some young dancers to use in his PSA shoot for Toronto Pride Week 2011... which sort of works out great if you're me at this dinner party who owns a dance studio! So I sent 5 of my Junior Company dancers down one Friday night, to a busy Toronto street corner, dressed up in pink corsets and tutus, to go do some funs shots for this PSA.

Well this video turned out to be way more amazing than I had ever anticipated it being, and I'm not going to lie, I got a little emotional watching some of my young students doing such amazing things on the spot. I knew the feedback I had gotten from everyone involved, including the girl's parents, was exceptional but I really didn't understand the magnitude of what they were doing.

So, in honor of acceptance and love, I wanted to share this video with the world! Not only so everyone can see how wicked my students are in it, but also because they are part of a video that shares an important message with everyone.

I'm a proud mama bear watching this video today... on repeat, of course!

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