Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Someone Like You"

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you're familiar with the phenomenon that is So You Think You Can Dance! I'm proud to say that Canada also has a great version of the show, of course nothing is quite like the original, but we have some incredible talent on the show this year that everyone needs to check out!

A good friend of mine, and an honorary member of my Df family, Jordan Clark happens to be a member of the Top 22 contestants on SYTYCD Canada this year! Sure, I know quite a few of the Top 22 this year, but I really have to support my girl this time around and tell you there is no one more deserving than Jordan to be named 'Canada's Favourite Dancer!'

I attended the first taping on Saturday, and I'm sure I just ruined some dreams there by telling you it's taped in advance! Hopefully nobody really thought they taped those performance shows live... do you realize what could go wrong! I took about 50 people from our studio and basically we bombarded the audience with love for Jordan. She is such a great role model and mentor to the kids at my studio, and the parents all adore her. She got paired with another friend and fellow Contemporary dancer, Joey Arrigo and they basically stole the show with their first duet... check it out here! Sure, it seems convenient that these two got paired together, but can you really deny either of them the fact that they are as close to 'perfect' as you can get?

Last night I also attended the Live Results Show with Jordan's mom. I wasn't really nervous leading up to the show, as I knew Jordan would be safe based on her performance. However, as the show started we still clenched onto each other as they got around to Jordan & Joey on stage. There were heavy sighs once they were announced as 'safe' and then Jordan's mom cried in relief. I'm actually concerned about how she's going to get through that every week, or maybe it will become more normal and it won't be so stressful in the future. We got to have dinner after with Jordan and I enjoyed the time to sit down and really gauge from her how well she was handling the entire experience. She is so humbled by everybody's support and gracious about all of the love she has been receiving.

Jordan and her partner Joey have been labeled by some of the judges, several newspapers, other contestants and television shows as the early favourites, but I hope that stigma does not detract viewers from assuming they don't need to vote for them every week. The reality of this show is that they're not crowning 'Canada's Best Dancer', they're naming 'Canada's Favourite Dancer'! It's basically a popularity contest, like high school, but in sparkly bra tops on television!
I couldn't think of anyone who is more of the total package for this show than Jordan. No amount of fame would ever change her loving personality or her nurturing charisma around kids. She is one insanely talented dancer, but she is also a fabulous teacher/choreographer and most importantly an outstanding human being.

The point of today's blog is really just to get you to vote for Jordan on the show... but I'm assuming you already knew I was going there!

So let the shameless promotion continue...

Follow Jordan on Twitter - @Jordan_DCS4

Join her Official Facebook Page -

And please watch her dance every Monday @ 8:00pm on CTV, and then VOTE FOR JORDAN!

Now I'm not expecting everyone to order t-shirts, hand out flyers to strangers or even decorate your car with Jordan's posters... but please feel free to do so if you'd like! Because mark my word, if Jordan wins a new car as the winner this year, she will be driving around in it with my picture blocking her entire rear window!

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