Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Good Life"

Well today is my big 3-0... the dirty 30... or as my mother would put it, the day that makes her really old now!

My need to celebrate has changed from the times that I wanted to go out and party all night, and I feel like a lot of reflection on my life so far is good enough for me today!

Last weekend I threw myself a very grown up dinner party, with just my grown up friends on a patio, eating delicious vegan food, drinking great wine and talking. I don't even think I talked about my dance studio once... unless you count the fantastic 'Df HOLLA' license plates that I received as a gift from some of the parents!

Today, on my actual birthday, I just spent the day relaxing at home. I have actually been anticipating my sister going into labour today with my first niece, as we were supposed to share the same birthday, but that has not happened yet. With each hour that goes by the odds of us sharing our special day is looking slimmer and slimmer, but I'm sure we will celebrate our birthday weeks together every year from now on.

I can't really find anything to complain about today, or in general in my life! Sure, I'd like to have more money, drive around in a convertible all summer, and take a random trip to Paris for Christmas... but seriously, that's all just ridiculous details! I have had the same best friend for 27 years, I have a generous and loyal teaching staff at my studio whom are also my good friends. I have the most supportive family, and extended studio family there is, and truly great friends who care about me for who I am, and not what I will never be! I have my own house, my own dance studio and more pretty dresses than BCBG does at their Outlet Store!

So, as I enter this next 'grown up' stage of my life I know things are only going to get better. So many new people I'll get to meet, new experiences I'll get to share, and new goals I'll reach to accomplish. Tonight I will blow out 30 candles, make a wish and hope it comes true... and even if it doesn't, I'm still going to make this year awesome!

30 is looking pretty awesome already!

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