Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Bad Romance"

It's almost the end of the day... but I'm keeping to my word and blogging!

I would have done it earlier, but I sat at the US/Canada border tonight in traffic for almost 2 hours coming home from Buffalo. I would have blogged from my fance iPhone blogging app, but I refuse to pay those US roaming fees with Rogers!

It was my third trip to shop in the US in the past two weeks... which I'm pretty sure nominates me for Shopaholics Anonymous. I don't always go looking for things for myself, but it usually ends up that I come out of every store with something that I absolutely must have. I bought several costumes for Competitive routines today, so that qualifies writing the entire trip off on my taxes!

However, on an extremely great note I discovered a new authentic Mexican restaurant right by the Outlets on Niagara Falls Blvd... La Galera! Not exciting enough for you... it is within 5 minutes of the competition site we will be going to in April. That means DF post-competition dinner at La Galera - Chimichangas for everyone!

Now in keeping with the theme of naming all my blogs after songs, this one just seemed fitting today, as I heard Lady Gaga sing this song 47 times on the radio in an 8 hour span.

Damn you US border... I have now memorized all the words!

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