Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"I Can Cook Too!"

I officially failed at this blogging thing... truthfully I forgot my password for a while there and then gave up. Now, since I work with kids, giving up is generally not an option that I like to preach, but realistically I could not be bothered for a while!

So tonight I had a revelation and I have decided that I will blog something, no matter how small, every day for an entire year. I actually just watched "Julie & Julia" with my mom and am inspired to write every day about what I love to do... which may change depending on the day! And maybe there is a small glimmer of hope someone will make a movie about my life like they did for Julie Powell, that unfortunately had a lame ending!

This Tuesday night is not like any other I usually have during the year. I am not at the studio, I am not even in the same city as my studio, and instead of teaching or making up choreography I am impatiently searching through the television channels looking for a familiar weekly show. Unfortunately, not only is my dancing life on hiatus, but my regular reality television programming is as well.

I have not been to my studio in over a week and I even miss the intolerable scent that comes from the lockers. I do know that the return of dance in January will bring with it the excitement and stress of the fast approaching competitive season, but bring it on! Most people think my optimistic attitude about our competitive season in 2010 is about proving myself to people and even a bit of revenge... and as shameful as it makes me feel, I will admit that a bit of it is true. Along with a plethora of positive reasons that have nothing to do with anybody else!

With 2009 coming to an end I have made time to reflect a lot on things that have happened at the studio this past year. A lot of good, then the not-so-good, but then more good! I was told once by a teacher that the road to success is paved with a lot of bumps and even small failures. Regardless of all the things that have been not so great this year, I definitely don't think I have failed at anything. Instead, I've decided that I've learned, grown, re-directed and re-focused! No bull-shit, not trying to cover up any feelings, but truly I have had a chance to see what is really important and valuable now in my life, teaching, and my studio.

I feel like I actually have a lot of things to write about... things I've learned about, things I still need help with, and things that maybe will help other people!

I'm no Julia Child... but I can bake a mean red velvet cupcake, adorned with cream cheese icing!

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