Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Party Like It's 1999"

So it's a decade after Prince released this fantastic song! It's interesting to look back and think about what you were doing 10 years ago...

New Year's Eve of 1999 I was going into my last semester of OAC in high school and getting ready for University! It was also the New Years that I hosted my very first New Year's Eveparty at my house. It wasn't that great, as I remember running out of alcohol very early on in the evening, and my mother coming home early, but it was still a party!

Now ten years later I am hosting my 2nd ever New Year's Eve party! This time way more laid back and only with my closest friends drinking wine around my fire place and watching crappy movies on tv! I have all the food and drinks ready and now I am sitting here waiting in my Free City track pants as my friends are on their way. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my last evening of 2009!

Inspired by my friend Alison I am going to set some goals for 2010... not like lose weight, or whatever, but 3 realistic goals that I can ask my friends and family to help me with!

1. Stop spending so much money on clothes - it's obvious to people who are close to me that I have a serious issue with this, however, MasterCard doesn't seem to agree! I will stop spending money on frivolous items that I can't find space for in my 3 closets and instead spend money/time doing things with people that are important to me. Ie. go to the movies with my mom, or have lunch with Shelby before we teach.

2. I will think before I speak to avoid hurting people's feelings - this one will be tough for me but I'm determined to try! I have a lack of verbal filter when it comes to people I love, and I'm sure I hurt their feelings more then I intend to. So I will make a point of not saying what I really want to say in some cases, and spare their feelings.

3. Learn to cook more things - I know how to cook, it's just out of absolute laziness that I don't more often. I also seem to cook the familiar/likeable things most often, probably out of ease and satisfaction that it will be good. So this year I want to actually go buy ingredients that the cookbook recommends and make meals with them!

I think 3 goals is plenty to think about and work on so I will stop there!

Gotta go check on my baked brie with figs and apples now... already working on goal #3! Oh wait it's still 2009 so I guess that doesn't count???

Tonight I toast to all the great things that happened to me in the past year, and the not-so great things that I learned great things from!

2010 is going to be epic - I just know it!

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