Friday, January 1, 2010

"Sleeping to Dream"

I woke up today in my bed to the sounds of my good friend Alison in my kitchen making coffee... normally I'd panic that she's touching my appliances, but I was actually really happy that spread out throughout the 3 floors of my house were my closest friends all sleeping in!

It's probably lame to anyone younger than us, but our New Year's Eve was very enjoyable. We played board games... well us girls played board games as Scott quit at Candy Land cause it was clearly too complicated for him! We drank fancy drinks from the Magic Bullet and ate yummy food. We cracked open a bottle of champagne at midnight and then we watched "The Hangover" and slowly everyone fell asleep around the tv. At 2am the movie was over and we all separated to our sleeping quarters to go have some lovely dreams of the great year ahead.

Now everyone has gone home and I am left with a semi-clean house and lots of laundry... however, I am sitting on the couch and not worrying about any of it! I think in 2010 I'm going to take a lot more time to relax about those things that generally cause me anxiety and just enjoy my day as I choose. Hopefully come competition season I'll remember that... and if not I still have a garage full of Merlot!

I think I will take a nap in anticipation of Jordan Clark coming to my house later on today. She's coming to the studio with me tomorrow to do some choreography and she's generally my comic relief right in the New Year!

Maybe I should vouch to take more naps in 2010... I generally do my best work in my sleep and I can dream up fantastical ideas. Last night I came up with a brilliant Recital finale number!

Too bad when I sleep my costume order doesn't get done...

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