Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Kisses & Cake"

I do love Tuesday evenings for several reasons... the major one being the fantastic classes I always have that night. I have my competitive kids for technique classes and I always leave the studio feeling very fulfilled and energized.

The second reason is because The Biggest Loser is on! I watch it on satellite at 11:00pm when I get home, and I am up until 1:00am glued to my television. I adore Jillian Michaels screaming at people who cannot run on treadmills, and I love when Bob Harper eventually cracks and tells people why they're overweight. I don't take pleasure in their pain or their obesity issues for that matter, but it is good entertainment. It's one of the only shows I can name you that has a 2 hour episode on every week... so I guess I'm not the only person who loves it!

The oxymoron of my life is that I sit and watch The Biggest Loser every week while I scarf down whatever junk food I can assemble in my house. One of the hardest things about being a studio owner/dance teacher, is that we have to sort of skip dinner every night at work. I work from about 5:00-10:00pm every night and dinner should normally fall right in the middle of that. I'm not good at chewing and choreographing, so I just don't do it. Then I get home and I'm starving and thus I'm breaking a major rule about eating before bed.

So I am sharing a tip tonight that has worked for me when it comes to "studio owner late night dining"! I'm no Jillian Michaels or anything here, but I've watched this show enough to pick up some tips! I have discovered flavoured teas and apple cider really do fill me up. I find that something thick and hot with a strong natural flavour satisfies my hunger very quickly and I forgot that I left the studio craving nachos. I really try to avoid the snacks, but I do fail once in a while, so I've stocked my pantry with nuts and popcorn. I fill a small bowl with it and then I don't go back for more when I'm finished. That way I'm limiting my late night snacking, or eating something that is filling and satisfying.

I'm not going to write a novel here on my eating habits and Grocery Store route, but I do have the food issue in my life under control. My magic bullet has now become a staple in my every day life, and frozen fruits/veggies fill my freezer rather than frozen dinners and pizza. Wine is another story for me... but I think alcohol is an official food group for studio owners, so I'm covered there!

I try to share healthy eating tips with my dancers and I am always on them about what they eat at competition weekends. Let's just be honest here, I'm dealing in an industry where healthy and body matters. How you look plays a major role in your career, and taking care of yourself/your body helps you to train better, work better, and perform better. My major theory... what you put in your body = what you get out of it!

Short blog tonight, as I'm just writing a bit during the commercial breaks! Jillian is about to give this poor woman a serious beating in the gym until cries... gotta love quality television!

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