Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Crazy In Love"

As much as I love the original Beyonce song, I am a sucker for covers, and Anthony & The Johnsons version generally gets to me every time. So of course I decided to use it for a dance this year!

I spent today at the studio for the first time in 2 weeks. I had even forgotten what a mess I had left it in! I cleaned for a bit while my friend from Vlad's Dance Company, Jordan Clark, was down working on a solo for one of my students, Savanah. Jordan is Savanah's idol and we surprised her with a solo choreographed by Jordan this year, so needless to say she was elated and fought through a 4 hour solo class today to finish the entire thing. I can always tell early on with a number whether or not it's going to be successful at competition, and the combination of everything to do with this solo screams winner to me!

So in honor or Savanah today and one of my favorite cover finds of 2009 I need to share this short little video. It's a clip of the start of one of Savanah's other solos that I'm working on. About a month back I was taping her running through the beginning for the first time and she had a little mishap! One of the many things I love about this kid is her ability to work through pain and generally push through anything...

It gets me every time that she just keeps going! She held her head for quite a while after that, but that was a fully developed 13 year old body's weight landing on that head, so you have to feel for her!

Yes I said 13, she's just a baby, so her head will probably heal quickly!

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off what will be a fabulous year at DF then being at the studio today with Jordan and Sav. We share a passion for dance that enables us communicate with each other in a language of movement that touches right to my soul.

I have in the past declared myself "crazy in love" with many things, like my Christian Louboutin boots, or that Oscar de la Renta dress I'm waiting for a sale to buy! But I officially declare 2010 the year I will breathe nothing but passion and love into my studio and my choreography.

Out with the frivolous things in my life... and in with giving more kids concussion symptoms!

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