Thursday, January 14, 2010

"On The Sunny Side Of The Street"

I'm blogging nice and early today, because I woke up so early that now it's only noon and I have done everything I need to before I head to the studio.  It's kind of blah outside but I'm not going to let that determine how I feel today.

I actually wouldn't mind seeing some rain today... to wash away all this dirty snow that is currently sitting in my driveway.

I've been sensing a lot of 'down-ness' at the studio lately, mostly due to the weather and just this time of year.  People are tired, it's dark out really early, and there is more traffic due to the driving conditions so parents are more irritable and ready to just get home.  Everything is wet and dirty and bundling up in big coats is more of an inconvenience for everyone than it is enjoyable.

So change of game plan for next weekends classes... I'm going to turn the studio into a beach for the day!  Bathing suits, sand toys, water guns, you name it!  Maybe the sun will even show itself outside for a few hours so the studio will be brighter and more warmer.  I guess it's kind of nice to do something exciting for the Recreational students for the day and make everyone feel better about their day in general.  I guess I'll spend this afternoon making handouts and emails ready to send home to inform everyone of the occasion.  I should do things like this more often, to help keep everyone motivated!

It's also going to help me keep looking ahead to my favorite time of year which is Spring, especially at the studio.  It means Competition season is in full swing which eases my mind, and everyone is just happier in general.  We can then utilize outside around our studio as well, as I like to take the kids running and do conditioning outside.  Most of them would say it's torturous, but they do appreciate the change of pace.

I know beach day at the studio won't bring me any closer to that feeling of my feet being in the sand on the beach, but maybe I'll hire a cabana boy and he can serve the parents and staff Mojitos.  Do I need a liquor license for that?  I'll have to go look into the legality of this one, so my day just got a lot busier!


New Wife said...

no thongs please!!!

Skinnymalink said...

I have just the Cabana Boy for you !!! Guess Whom ??