Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"This Woman's Work"

Probably on the top 10 list of my favorite songs of all time.  The original is good, however, I had a friend introduce me to Greg Laswell recently, and he has my new favorite version.  So you guessed it, I used it for a dance this year!

I'm actually using it for a trio that I finished tonight, for Savanah, Shevya and Courtney.  I had never planned for them to do a trio together, but fate has a way of stepping in some times and now I am thrilled with the result.  Savanah made me a promise this evening that they would do it so well at one competition this year that I will cry!

If you spend time with me during competition season you'll know that I am generally so stressed that I cannot feel most of my body... never mind my emotions.  I told the kids once that I had didn't have tear ducts so I would never cry after one of their dances.  It's not that I'm not moved or they don't dance well, but I'm too busy thinking about the next thing to remember to cry!

I know a teacher at a local studio who cries at competition after every lyrical dance her kids do.  I'm not saying she can't be moved by them... but every time???   Save it for when it's really legitimate... that way it will have more impact.  Now, I don't want to brag or anything tonight, but I actually have several numbers this year that have the potential to make me grow tear ducts.  Stay tuned!

I picked up a copy of the latest O magazine today, as I needed to spend $4 more at Shoppers to get a reward thing.  Oprah is one woman who knows how to wuuuuuuuuuurk!  Imagine, having a magazine named after you, or an entire empire for that matter.  Not that I would want to trade places with Oprah, or any celebrity for that matter, as you'd be too busy to enjoy the great life you appear to have.  I wouldn't mind unlimited access to Miss O's bank account though!

It kind of makes me wonder where you draw the line between too much work, versus the other stuff.  Does someone else need to help you draw that line because you're so wrapped up in your own life to notice when you've gone too far?  How much money is enough money for you to have currently and saved up before you really enjoy life?  Are you successful only when you have a lot of money?

Why am I asking questions to my own blog?  Trust me, if I knew the answers to any of life's deepest questions I would share them with you... but for now I'll stick to telling you how awful I find dance catalogue costumes!

This woman here has had a long day and needs to get some rest... at least I've figured out that balance in my life.  Good thing I find my job fun, and the daily work that I do rewarding and meaningful... like tonight I taught a kid how to tuck her sweat pants into her Uggs and avoid bunching.
How much more great work can one woman accomplish in a day!

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