Sunday, January 10, 2010

"If I Were A Boy"

Today's blog is in honor of two of my friends Jeremy & Scott Kelly... who hesitantly admitted that they read my blog!  I don't know why I find this so shocking, but regardless boys, I am happy that you read it!

I haven't figured out the real reason yet, but Scott and Jeremy have both sat through many Dance Fusion Recitals over the years.  I even give credit my father who is able to sit through an entire Recital that I am not dancing in.  Trust me, I do notice that it's always the men who are going out for breaks in the lobby during our Recital.  I think maybe next year I won't put an order in the Program, so every dad has to stay and watch the whole show since they don't know when their kid will be on!

I've only ever brought one boyfriend to a dance competition in the past, because I thought it was important for him to see what I did with  my life.  He came after I was already there and sat in the audience for about an hour before I even remembered to go and find him to check in!  I am really preoccupied at competitions, and luckily he was very patient and understanding about that.  He didn't stay long, but he made the effort and that made me happy.  I would never suggest that any boyfriend come for an entire weekend to just watch dance, as even I can't watch dance for 3 days straight without needing a break!

I have always had guys helping out with our Recitals and they don't seem to mind for the one day.  They do lighting, screen cues or music and they are really good at those types of things, so I am grateful for their help.  I don't think they necessarily watch every routine with matching enthusiasm, but they do pay attention to what's going on for the entire three and a half hours... so what more can I ask for!

In talking to the guys over the years, who have observed dance, there seems to be only 2 things they have figured out... they can identify what's really good, and they can identify what's really bad.  The in between all looks the same and that's where they lose interest and patience with watching!  I can't really blame them, as I feel the same way about watching things that I'm not that interested in as well.  The really good is great to watch, and yet equally enjoyable is the bad!

So I am going to make sure this year that I have a few routines that will really impress and entertain all the men who come to watch my studio.  I unfortunately have steered away from corsets and lingerie type costumes this year, which might deter any younger guys from being enthused about it... but I promise that you will at least catch some talent!

Now I just need to explain to them what the hell the difference is between a High Gold and a Diamond Award!

{image via cbathyy on etsy}

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